Brilliant Bicycle Safety Light System!

  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Hokey Spokes:    
What color combination works best?
Any selection is eye-catching! It is a matter of personal taste but three different colors on one wheel seems to work best.
Which is the most popular Hokey Spoke?
    The most popular Hokey Spoke is the Rainbow, a combination of  different LEDs all on one blade: 4 Reds, 3 Greens, 3 Yellows, 3 Orange and 2 Blue LEDs    
How many Hokey Spokes do I need on one bicycle wheel?
    We have experimented with one, two, three, even as many as six! One may create an imbalanced wheel at higher speeds. Two Hokey Spokes mounted opposite (180 degrees) of one another would balance it but you have to go 12 mph to get the full visual effect. Having three different Hokey Spokes on one wheel (spaced at 120 degrees apart) gives the best visual effect at 7 mph. You can load as many as six or more but you don't seem to have better images. So we recommend three on each wheel.    
My Hokey Spokes shut off at high speeds, then turn back on when I slow down...
There is a spring on the positive end inside of the battery chamber that compresses when you ride fast.  Centrifugal force moves the batteries away from the negative end (Blue Cap / Brass Cylinder) and may momentarily break the battery connection causing it to turn "OFF". When you slow down, the spring expands, moves the batteries back into contact with the negative end and the connection is turned back "ON".

There is an easy solution for this that you can find at a local hardware store or in your tool box. Remove the Blue Cap, unscrew the brass cylinder. Place some clean small metal washers over the threaded stem of the brass cylinder and reassemble. This will extend the length of the brass cylinder keeping the batteries in contact with the positive spring located deep inside the battery chamber.. This will tighten the batteries inside the battery chamber, maintain contact and reduce rattling of the batteries.

Believe it or not, the size of AA batteries will vary according the manufacturers around the world so the spring inside the battery chamber is necessary to accommodate the different lengths of AA batteries.

What makes the Hokey Spoke work?
    Each Hokey Spoke contains a microprocessor chip which runs on specially patented software. At the base of the Hokey Spoke there is an LED emitter which sends out an infrared signal allowing it to "talk" with all of the other Hokey Spokes installed on that wheel. When you turn on one Hokey Spoke, they all turn on. When you shut off one Hokey Spoke, they all turn off. There are no wires between the Hokey Spoke blades.    
I have one Hokey Spoke that blinks when it is turned off. Why is that?
With the first version of Hokey Spokes  the software was written so that the one LED would blink when the unit was shut off as a battery indicator. Dead batteries left in the battery chamber could eventually leak and damage your Hokey Spokes beyond repair, voiding the one-year limited warranty.  The blinking LED consumes very little power and will not drain your batteries but people thought they would. Mr. Hoch later changed the software to remove the blinking LED. The only other change was on the blue cap that went from a pressure spring to a brass plug designed to tighten the batteries in the battery chamber. Other than that, your Hokey Spokes are all the same! Just be sure to remove dead batteries to protect your Hokey Spokes!
I turned on my Hokey Spokes and now they are on and they won't shut off. What's the problem?
In "Program" mode, the spokes will not turn off when you press the PWR key. You must press PWR-SEL 
keys at the same time to get the spokes out of  programming mode first. Another solution is to remove the 
batteries, press the PWR button with batteries out, reinsert the batteries and then PWR up again. 
(See second solution below...)
I turned on my Hokey Spokes and now they are on and they won't shut off. What's the problem?
We've noticed, too, that sometimes a Hokey Spoke will not turn off. In examining this, it requires three 1.5 volt batteries for a total voltage of 4.5 volts. When we check the voltage of a Hokey Spoke that would not shut off, it measured 3.0 volts (the total of all three AA batteries). Hence, when your batteries begin to fail, there is not enough voltage for it to work properly. It will not respond to the infrared signals from other Spokes on your bike and is sluggish or refuses to power down... Try replacing all three batteries and it will work just fine. 
Are Hokey Spokes difficult to install?
    Not at all.  You may want to carry a small Phillips head screwdriver but you can put them on and take them off in minutes using a Phillips screwdriver.    
How do you program the graphics on Hokey Spokes?
    You don't.  Each Hokey Spoke comes with a pre-programmed microprocessor that contains six different images. You  turn one on, they all light up, and once every 10 seconds or so, the image pattern change on all of your Hokey Spokes as they communicate with each other.    
How do I enter text messages?
    You may enter text messages manually by using the PWR and SEL keys. Instructions are on the back of the insert card that comes with each Hokey Spoke. You may download an Instructional Sheet for more detailed information.


Can I use Loctite on my Hokey Spokes to keep the screws tight?
Absolutely not! There are dangerous chemicals in Loctite that interact with the plastic resins used on the Hokey Spoke housings. It dissolves the plastic and will cause permanent damage. While some people think this will keep Hokey Spokes on "tight", it has the opposite effect. When properly installed, Hokey Spokes will not come off the spoke. Check your attachment screws occasionally to make sure they are tight at all times. 
Where can I buy my Hokey Spokes?
Right now, Hokey Spokes are sold directly but we are in the process of setting up dealers throughout the United States and around the world. If you would like your bicycle dealer to sell Hokey Spokes in your community, please tell them about Hokey Spokes, then email us with their name, phone number and email address. We will invite them to become a Hokey Spoke dealer so people in your neighborhood can buy them locally.
If I order on-line, how long will it take to get my Hokey Spokes?
We take pride in shipping the same day your order is placed (before 4 pm CST). We ship everything USPS Priority Mail which means you will receive your Hokey Spokes in two to three days.  Now based in the Midwest with a central geographical location, we have good shipping links to both the East and West Coast as well as the Gulf states.
What is your policy on returns if I have a problem?
At Hokey Spokes, all sales are final with the exception of mechanical defects. Hokey Spokes (purchased from us) have a one year limited replacement warranty.  Please read our  Returns Policy for more information.
Who are you guys?
The Hokey Spokes Company is now owned and managed by Carole and Richard Barnes who bought the company in May 2005 from the inventor,  a graduate of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Richard Barnes holds a doctorate degree and was on the faculty of Boston College when he bought an electronic contract manufacturing company in 1996. 

In early 2001,  Barnes' company worked  to build and develop the prototypes for Hokey Spokes. With the new ownership, new and more aggressive marketing strategies are being employed that will provide a steady stream of product to customers, dealers and distributors.

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