A Great New Product from   Innovation Design Works

Inventors of

  Sports GPS Cycle Computer

For the Serious Cyclist - Workout, Training, Logging History of Activity

Introductory Price Only in the US - $125.00
Now Just $94.50 !
Suggested Retail Price: $219.00

Free Software Included!
Free Bicycle Mount Included!
Free UBS Cables Included!

  New Product! From Innovation Design Works... Inventor of Hokey Spokes !

This product does not tell you where you are going, it tells you where you have been! It is a GPS system for the serious bicyclist that shows maximum speed, trip time, average speed, distance covered, elevation and total mileage and put it into a datafile for a workout record. Ideal training tool for the serious cyclist.

No more wheel magnets to count wheel rotation that give you bicycle speed/distance. This Sports GPS Cycle Computer relies upon communication with GPS satellites and gives instant, accurate feedback.

But what is even more impressive, your Sports GPS Cycle Computer will transfer its data to your personal computer to build a history of your workout, then bring up Google Earth so you can actually see a map of the route taken. Elevation and speed with more than 260,000 way points to monitor every location of your trip.

Cycling around the neighborhood, the Sports GPS Cycle Computer provides data summary of the trip.


Green line shows bicycle's path even when crossing
from one side of the road  to the other as seen in the upper right

Even better, the Sports GPS Cycle Computer comes with rechargeable batteries
that can last up to 22 hours on a full charge!



The Sports GPS Bicycle Computer is also great for hikers who want to preserve a record of their journey. Take photos along the way and position the GPS location with each shot.
Comes with a one month free PRO account at "Locate Your Photos", ( www.locr.com )

FREE SOFTWARE - Complete software for Adobe Reader, Google Earth, and the MainNav included!
FREE MOUNTING HARDWARE KIT - Mounting kit included at no extra charge.
Free Battery Charging Unit


Easy Mounting on your Bicycle

 Other uses: If you own a business and have need to track your delivery and vehicle drivers, the Sports GPS Bicycle Computer will help you monitor and track the route of your driver. See where they go with the company truck. See if they speed, where they take your vehicle and how much time they spend off route. Sneaky, but it works!

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