Having trouble with PayPal ???
You don't need a PayPal Account to order and pay for your Hokey Spokes on-line...
and you do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to pay for your Hokey Spokes with this system...
but you do need a valid credit card.

  When you go to use the Secure Checkout, you will see this window text:

If you already have a PayPal account, your email address and PayPal Password may be already filled in. If you DO NOT want to charge this to your PayPal account but want to use a separate Credit Card for payment, delete the entries in the two windows and check the "click here" saying you do not currently have a PayPal account.


  This will take you to the Billing Information window.

Enter all of the information requested. When it asks for Address, use the Address for your credit card billing.

  If you wish to send your Hokey Spokes to another address, email us with that information or put a message in the text box at PayPal.  

Use of the PayPal system is safe and secure. We do not see your credit card numbers, only confirmation that your payment has been made.