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 We receive a lot of comments from our customers on their Hokey Spokes!
We just thought we would share some of them with you to let you know how
Hokey Spokes have enhanced their riding experience,
improved their feelings of safety and security,
as well as their comments about our customer service and tech support.


I was walking out my door last night when a woman rode past with Hokey Spokes on her bike and I chased her down to find out what it was.  She told me about your website and now I just have to have my own.  I can't wait!     Thanks!
 Diane A.

Last week I bought 2 lights and received a bonus light for free. I just received the lights and I really think they are great. Therefore, I just purchased another
4 WHITE lights in order to receive 2 WHITE lights for free.  
Thank you for your great product and your great prompt service.
Art E

Hello!  My husband found out I ordered Hokey Spokes and is making me get some for him. 
I just ordered two more, so can I have a free orange Hokey Spoke?  Thanks!!!
Cynthia C

thank you for my free hokey spokes !! i forgot to ask for them very cool of you to put them in. I'll tell everyone at burning man to order through you
Greg N

I am so excited to get my Hokey Spokes!  I have been wanting to get one for 
so long because my friend has one and I think it is SO cool.  Now I have a bike 
with big enough wheels, and I'm going to get an extra one for another friend!

How long do they usually take to arrive?

thank you!

Thank you for the response and the guidance. Last night, I took the 
bike out with the spokes attached and so many people had positive comments
about them! I love these things. Have a good day.


I just placed my order for a HokeySpokes unit, and although a bit 
embarrassing to admit...I'm excited! It looks like a very fun toy, and 
being of a tinkering mind, I'm sure it will be fun to see what it can do.
In any case, I anxiously await my new toy, and look forward to 
featuring it at BR&K.


These arrived this afternoon. Thanks for the speedy shipping! I can't
wait to see these in action :-)


thanks for the response - have just ordered 3, so my bike's going to
look quite sparkly with four spokes on it.

I got a response from Firebox saying that they had considered the
spokes before, but since no-one in their office cycles there was
no-one to champion them! - this seems a bit out of step, particularly
with the increasing numbers of people cycling in London at the moment:
I cycle to work in London and literally every time I use the hokey spoke 
I get someone asking me where I got them from - so it would be nice to get a 
brighter set for my wheels. 
There's potentially a really big market for these over here - 

Pete, / London, UK


 Just wanted you to know that the order I sent this am for 3 hokey
spokes is needed in time to take them to Burning Man.  We really loved
having them last year and are just adding more so my girlfriend and I
will have 3 per wheel each.  Thanks!

Kurt J

I meant to write a few weeks ago to thank you for sending the missing 
hokey spoke so quickly! It arrived safely and my fiance was very happy to 
have his third spoke! (It really does look much more impressive with three than 
with two.. although two was pretty neat to begin with!)

Congratulations on your purchase of the company... and again, thanks 
for your prompt attention to my email. Much appreciated.

all the best,

Thanks a lot. He just learned how to ride a two wheeler and I saw Hokey
Spokes advertised on either Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network with my kids and
thought that is perfect. You have to understand I live with my husband who
is all technical and this is his brother's kid and his brother and dad are
the same. I would love gifts of jewelry, flowers or clothes but I get palm
pilots, computer upgrades, cellular phone that can do almost everything but
grocery shop for you. So it's tough for me to come up with something in
"their" world.

Hokey Spokes sounded perfect!!!!

Janet M 

Thanks! Great product, great service.

I will be showing your blades at Burning Man festival.


Anyway ..  thanks so much for getting these out to me so quickly . My boyfriend is going to be THRILLED I actually got him what he wanted and before his birthday to boot!   I guess boys are never too old for toys! 
Thanks again!

These things are great.  They certainly drew a lot of attention.  
I totally dig these.  I installed them on a new blue and white Schwinn Tango 
Tandem Cruiser.  Quite cool.  I look forward to perhaps selling these in the near future,

Thanks Again,

Daniel D

I wanted to let you know that the Hokey Spokes were a MAJOR, MAJOR hit at our event this past weekend. We had four of our Police bikes on the road with the Hokey Spokes Friday and Saturday night. I was teamed up with my Captain and we had all kinds of compliments. I was surprised at how many people stopped us to ask about them. The other two officers I was working with reported the same to me. They said they were a major hit and were glad that I found them for the department. ... My Captain wanted me to let you know that he was really impressed with them and plans on recommending them to other cities. ...

 We also found that they work well for controlling traffic.  We would put our bikes in the road ahead of us with the wheels facing traffic, and with just the Hokey Spokes on people were moving over. They also helped us locate the other officers that were riding with us. Whenever there was an incident we just scanned the area and we were able to pick them up quickly.


I've been commuting by bike for  almost 30 years and have  only had two accidents involving automobiles.  I'd like to keep it at two and the Hokey Spokes have already helped me avoid what could have been close calls.... 


These things are great.  They certainly drew a lot of attention.  I totally dig these.  I installed them on a new blue and white Schwinn Tango Tandem Cruiser.  Quite cool

 Thanks Again,


My 13 year old son saw them light up and said, "The best invention of the 21st century!".

Great Britain


These are just about the coolest and most fun things in the world!!!

I love giving them as gifts :)


I just entered school as a med student at Stanford. I have arrived before all the undergrads get here. During their orientation, I believe that there will be many students registering bikes, probably alongside their supportive (and rich) parents. The Stanford Bike shop might purchase these from you, because they look so freakin1 cool. I would be glad to coordinate sales of hokeyspokes around Stanford, that is, if I could get a few more free ones!


I ordered three rainbow hokey spokes from you previously and everyone just freakin loves these things. Poor girl I referenced to you the other day is going to be disappointed she wont be able to get rainbow before Burning Man though. She was cute. Maybe I'll lend her mine?


Wish I had remembered Hokey Spokes sooner. These will be used by us at Burning Man next week. We had seen them last year, and they are indeed attractive! Another big plus is their safety factor. At BM, it can be very dark out on the playa. There's a lot of people riding around on bikes (often under the influence), and not everyone has light-ups on themselves or their bikes. This can result in some potentially dangerous close encounters! You might include mentioning safety on your webpage. Hard to not see someone cruising along with those Hokey Spokes flashing!


Thanks. I got them. Great service!


Your product is quite prevalent on the playa and adds a tremendous safety factor for bicyclers at night. Looking forward to my red white and blue hokeys in keeping with this years theme of celebrating my heritage.


The lights are great/ I am a teacher in South Korea... I just got them from my mom in the mail the other day.. After one ride I had so many people asking me about the lights.

The bike culture in Korea is huge... they buy anything to make there bikes look coooler.. I see so much high end bike stuff here..

I haven't seen the Hokey Spokes here before and my local shop was amazed-Thanks again...


I received my spokes yesterday & they are wonderful. Thanks for pushing to get them out Friday. I do appreciate it.


I think I bought about twelve hokey spokes devices last year... you may remember me as the guy from the Big Island of Hawaii... you sent a bunch of cards and brochures with my order and I handed them all out for you - hope it created some business for you. Your product is GREAT... takes all kinds of abuse (and eats plenty of playa dust) and just keeps on flashing.... with all the rough treatment they received last year the only problem was one lost washer!!!! Can't get much better than that.


Thank you so much for the extra red and yellow hokey spokes, and the lovely card. I was very excited to rewarded so! I think I may have clapped my hands with excitement.

I had been wanting to add a third one to each of my wheels so now I can do so:-) Thanks again,

p.s Megan is very appreciative of the prezi


More wonderful comments from our customers!

I must say I highly enjoy riding around with my hokeyspokes, and general passersby seem to get a thrill from it also. I hear a lot of" OMC Look at that bike!" and "Come look at this!" and "Wow!" and "Woohoo!" etc. They also saved my life one night when in a lapse of concentration I rode out in front of two landcruisers. They stopped immediately, smiled and waved. Outstanding!

So now I am sharing the hokeyspoke love by purchasing some for my loved one.




Thanks Guys,

I really am very excited about your product nice for fun but also for the safety factor maybe people will see me now when I am on my way to work on my bike.. Almost got creamed the other day headlight reflectors but.sorry dude I did not see you well they will now probably swerve to get a better view an cream me anyway LOL.


After nearly getting hit twice last night while riding home through the dark rainy streets of Vancouver, I'm very excited about receiving my Hokey Spokes! It's a great idea for safety *and* fun!


So my mother just bought me three and i just have to have more. I hope i got my order of two to you just in time to get a third free Please send me one more free rainbow. Thanks for creating such a cool product.


My son has been admiring his neighbor's hokey spoke since he moved in to his new house. I am sure his will be very excited to get a set for himself. Thank you,


I've seen your spokes before and today I flagged down the bicyclist to find out where to get them. This is perfect for my husband.


The Hokey Spokes I ordered arrived today in fine condition. Thank you. Your customer service is exemplary.  I appreciate being able to call you and have a courteous, helpful human being answer the phone.  You gave me good advice and specific, easy instructions to follow to order the first two HS and how to easily request the color I wanted for the third HS.  I felt comfortable paying through PayPal. Your follow-up with a receipt and shipping information via e-mail was very much appreciated.

I only wish more companies/vendors would go the extra mile that you do to provide good customer service.  Thank you very much and I hope your business thrives.  Your product would not be suitable for many people, but I would most definitely encourage people with bikes to do business with Hokey Spokes.

Phyllis Meadow

yes, Got it today.-.quite quick! Now my dilemma:  I bought these for myself as my own stocking stuffers from my kids. BUT... I wanna use them now, as I am a bicycle commuter, and usually ride home in the dark. What should I do????

Hokey Spokes Answer: How about using them and putting the empty packages in your stocking?? I'm sure your kids want you to be safe and happy now.

>great idea!!!! Gonna do that... thanks!

I'm so gonna be the envy of the east end here in London.......

Can't wait. Best


I must tell you, this has given me happiness, not only in buying what promises to be a really cool product, but also in the fact that you are a "mom-and-pop" company. I wish you well...


Thanks for the hokeyspokes, by the way! They're awesome on my wheelchair.  Cheers,


Waiting like a kid for santa. Going to go well with the ground effects from rockthebike.com:)


Please let me know, and once again, great product. I really appreciate the fact the your lights are quality, as I've had to send back quite a few other bike lights I picked up off eBay which were total crap. Ciao


btw, I love the spokes, probably kept me from being tagged by a car a few times, now my girlfriend should be safe this winter


Love Love Love, your hokey spokes.



Thank you!! We live in a beach community where everyone rides at night. Everytime we ride, people stop us and ask us!!!!! I have passed along your website!


Thank You!!!!!

Customer for life.


I'll use them in the "Paris Rando Velo" where hundreds tour Paris at night each friday night. I'll be sure to pass out the flyers you gave me (great publicity'.), thanks again


We love your product, between myself, my sister and my neighbor we now have 21 spokes (3 wheel bike) in a group, it looks amazing. Thanks again,


I have Hokey Spokes on my bike (I'm the guy that rides past the White House in Washington , DC every day). BTW, I continue to make daily referrals to the gawking pedestrians I swerve to avoid on my journeys. Hope all is well on the Hokey Spoke front. Thanks. -


you are fantastic!! Many thanks!!! I 'm so happy!! I will do commercial in Germany with my hokey spokes- bike, so hopefully I come back with further orders in spring time!!! Your hokey spokes are great!!! Many thanks again


The hokey spokes arrived before Christmas, but I only used them last night. To say that I am absolutely delighted would be an insufficient, they are truly superb - many, many thanks and a happy New Year Regards


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